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Tulsa Criminal Attorney Defense Lawyer

How should you pick your criminal defense attorney?

If you're on this page, then you've taken a step in the right direction! But there are several factors to consider before hiring an attorney. Hiring an attorney, whether it's for a felony or a misdemeanor, is a process. Below are some ideas and questions to consider.

Does the attorney you are considering practice the area of criminal defense that you need assistance with?

One of the most important things to know is whether the person you are about to retain actually handles the type of case you are want assistance with? If you are charged with a felony, you need an attorney who regularly handles felony cases. Another important aspect of what attorney to hire, is whether the attorney handles that type of charge regularly.

What is your budget and what does the attorney charge?

Retainer fees can be burdensome, so you need to know what you can afford. It's important to remember that most family law attorneys charge by the hour, are you going to be able to afford the attorney's time? Does the attorney offer a payment plan? What is the upfront cost? 

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Use the internet wisely.

Beware of attorney websites that show up in google ads, the biggest advertising budget does not mean the best fit for your case. Pay attention to the words the attorneys use on their websites. Words that indicate fighting and litigation may indicate a trial lawyer who lacks other skills; whereas, words that indicate settlement may indicate an attorney that does not regularly do trial work. Remember that a flashy website does not mean that the attorney is one of substance. 

Be careful relying on attorney review sites.

There are so many attorney "rating" sites on the internet now, it's nearly impossible to tell what is accurate and what is not. Sites like avvo require payments from attorneys and can tie the higher ratings to higher payments from the attorneys. Often the best source for ratings are how other attorneys and the judges rate the attorney. Even reviews from former clients may not reflect the quality of the work, frequently a negative review may come from a client that obtained a victory but was not pleased 100%.

Familiarize yourself with the process or processes available.

Criminal Felony Process

Ask people you know and people in the field.

Often friends and family will know the name of a preferred attorney or know someone who does. Don't be afraid to ask other attorneys for who they would use in your type of situation. The Tulsa County Bar Association has an attorney referral program (note: there is a fee of $25).

Interviewing the attorneys.

First of all, come prepared to your meeting. Be ready with questions you would like answered. Second, do not be afraid to ask follow up questions - there is no such thing as a stupid question. Remember, he or she is the expert and you are wanting to obtain their opinion or services. Ask about practice areas, experience, and for an initial evaluation of the case.

Trust your instinct.

Knowing the process is significant, but a big part of the attorney-client dynamic is how they feel about one another. If your gut is telling you that he or she is not the right attorney for you, chances are that you're right.

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