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What to bring to the consultation

The Basics

Just the basic necessities are listed in the link below. These are the items that will assist in generating your case file, will need to be turned over quickly, and prove essential parts of your case.

Basic Items

The Questionnaire

This is a very detailed questionnaire that allows the attorney to get an in-depth understanding of your family dynamic. It remains confidential and is used internally at the office. You will likely be asked to complete this after your first meeting, doing so in advance greatly assists the Parsons, Graham & Day team.

The Questionnaire

Family Law Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Tulsa Lawyer

The Checklist

Provided below are a list of items that you will need to gather and organize. Use this list to keep track of what you have gathered and provided to the attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day.

The Divorce Checklist

The Paternity Checklist

Asset and Debt Worksheet

Use this form to list out the current assets and debts that are both separate and marital.

Asset and Debt Worksheet