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The Collaborative Law Group Way

Step 1:

Consultation Meeting

The parties meet with one of Collaborative Law Group's members to discuss the process and whether it will work for their family. If both parties agree to move forward, the contract is signed and the parties receive their tool kits for Step 2. 

Step 2:

Preparation Meeting

Each party returns for a preparation meeting with their individual Collaborative Law Group member to prepare his or her side's settlement offer and mediation statement. The parties also produce the necessary disclosure documents.

Step 3:



The parties attend a mediation with their individual Collaborative Law Group member and the neutral mediator works with the parties to create a decree and any needed accompanying orders that fit the families needs.

Step 4: 

Finalization Meeting

The Collaborative Law Group prepares the necessary pleadings and orders. The parties approve and sign. The parties then present the pleadings and orders to the court for entry, having been provided with an instruction sheet by the neutral mediator.

Compare this procedure to typical litigation procedure

Every collaboration has a neutral mediator and each party gets independent advice!

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