Charles Graham


Charles Graham was born in 1969 in Tampa, Florida.  In 1981 his family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where season tickets to Three Rivers Stadium made him a lifelong Steeler fan.  In 1982, his family relocated to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  In 1987, his class was the first class to graduate from the “new” Broken Arrow High School.  Mr. Graham received an academic scholarship to attend Oklahoma State University and graduated in 1991.

Following graduation from Oklahoma State University he went to work for the QuikTrip Corporation.  He worked at QT until his enrollment in the University of Tulsa College of Law.  Mr. Graham was a Phi Delta Phi honors fraternity member while at TU.  He also worked at the TU legal clinic while attending the College of Law.

Upon graduation in 1996, Mr. Graham went to work for a bankruptcy law firm.  He was responsible for many Chapter 7 filings.  It was during one of these filings that Mr. Graham changed the trajectory of his practice.  Generally, bankruptcy proceedings are form-driven, and proceedings were held in a small room in the basement of the Federal Courthouse.  However, one bankruptcy was challenged by the creditors.  This led to the discovery, depositions, motion hearings, and his first Federal trial, which he won over two much more experienced federal attorneys.  This opportunity to become a trial attorney was the new driving force behind his law practice.

In 1999, Mr. Graham met his wife, Vicky Maloney, a lifelong resident of Okmulgee.  They were quickly engaged and married in 2000.  They have continued to reside and raise their family in Okmulgee.  Vicky is a teacher at Preston Elementary School in Okmulgee County.  The couple’s oldest child, Connor, is a student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Their daughter attends Preston High School.  Charles is active in the school community, volunteering time to the school and coaching youth when able.

Mr. Graham started his own practice in 2000, in part to be in court more and to have an opportunity to go to trial in more cases.  Mr. Graham founded Parsons, Graham, and Day with two attorneys who had similar goals in representing client’s to the best of their ability and advocating at trials and hearings when necessary.