Matthew Day


Matthew was born in Neosho, Missouri – a small town just across the border about two hours from Tulsa. His parents separated when he was about 4 or 5 years old, but all continued to live in Neosho. In high school, Matthew was on the debate team all four years and lettered all four years. He was the district champion in his junior and senior years in policy debate and United States extemporaneous speaking. He attended the national tournament in both of those years and was 41st in the nation in his senior year. Every year, Matthew’s mother would take him on vacation to various parts of the country – Washington D.C., Colorado, and Florida. When he was 12 and 13 years old, the 2000 presidential election was occurring, and he became heavily interested in politics and presidential history. It was at that time that Matthew decided he wanted to become an attorney. Being an attorney seemed the most likely route to the White House. He graduated from High School with honors and was 12th in his class.

Matthew was admitted on a full academic scholarship to Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. Joplin is just 20 minutes from his home, so he was able to save money on rent for a couple of years. He majored in Political Science and minored in Philosophy. Matthew also joined the Kappa Alpha Order while at MSSU, and eventually became president of his fraternity. He developed some of his best friendships through KA and MSSU. In his junior year, he convinced his best friend to go back to college and took all his classes with him for his first semester. Matthew graduated from MSSU, the number one political science graduate and with honors. By the time he graduated, though, he had more interest in studying philosophy than going to law school; however, his parents convinced him to law school.

Matthew gained admission to the University of Tulsa College of Law, which is where his oldest brother had gone to law school. While in law school, he focused most of his energy on trial practice and competition. With his trial partner and friend, Ryan Childress, they won every trial competition the law school offered. They reached the semifinals their second year and the finals their third year at the conference level. Unfortunately, they were cheated in their third year. Until Matthew’s last year, he had planned on returning to Missouri to work with his brother at his firm in their hometown; however, his best friend, Isaiah Parsons, approached him about starting their own firm in Tulsa.

With the decision made to start a law practice in Tulsa, which both Isaiah and Matthew had come to love, they started saving for opening their doors upon passing the bar. Isaiah and Matthew passed the bar on their first attempt and opened Parsons & Day, LLC in September 2012, the day after they were sworn in as attorneys. At first, they were focusing on criminal defense, but soon knew they needed another practice area. Matthew began to focus on family and domestic relations and has been doing so for almost ten years. Initially, Matthew never wanted to do family law; he had seen it firsthand and did not want to be part of it. Yet, he soon realized that he had a gift for obtaining results and getting clients (and their families) out of the court system. In August 2015, Charles Graham teamed up with Matthew and Isaiah to start Parsons, Graham & Day. The process of owning your own business can be challenging – law schools do not teach you how to keep books – but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences for them. People have asked why they don’t work for a larger firm; through PGD, they have been able to help thousands of clients through the court process, AND they are able to take off when needed to be with family.

In 2011, Matthew met Darrah Haworth at a trial competition at TU. He can remember the first moment he saw her, and asked Ryan who she was. Fast forward four years and a failed marriage later, Darrah and Matthew began dating. Matthew knew from the start that he wanted to marry her, Darrah is brilliant, beautiful, and fun to be around. In 2016, he asked Darrah to marry him, and for reasons unknown, she agreed. That same year Matthew and Darrah moved into their first home together. On June 24, 2017, they were married in downtown Tulsa, surrounded by friends and family. Darrah and Matthew have three boys, Haden, who is about to be 18 years old, Harrison, who is 3, and Theodore who is 1. They love watching TV shows and movies. Matthew especially loves their board game evenings. In his spare time, he reads (mainly history) and play with their sons.