Isaiah Parsons


Isaiah Parsons was born in Kirksville, Missouri, the son of a teacher and a factory worker. He grew up in the Northeast Missouri area in the small town of Novinger (population 377). Novinger is the epitome of a midwestern small town – people wave when passing by, doors are held open for each other, and everyone knows how to work hard.

Isaiah attended school from kindergarten to the 12th grade in the same small town, with a class size of approximately only twenty students. It was rather early on during school that Isaiah realized his desire to become an attorney. During high school, Isaiah played baseball, ran track, and competed on the academic team; his passion, however, was always basketball.

Isaiah moved on to attend Hannibal-LaGrange University (HLGU). In college, Isaiah played basketball after earning a walk-on partial scholarship. While at HLGU, Isaiah focused his studies on criminal justice, with the intention of one day becoming a criminal defense attorney. Isaiah completed nearly all his coursework in the short time span of only three years, all while working and playing on the basketball team. During his senior year, Isaiah worked as a Detention Officer at the Adair County Sheriff’s Department, thus developing more experience in his future field of criminal defense. In May of 2006, Isaiah graduated with honors from Hannibal-LaGrange University with a Bachelor of Science in the Administration of Justice.

After college, Isaiah continued to work at the Sheriff’s Department and became a supervisor at the age of twenty-one. However, having his sights set on a bigger city, Isaiah moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in 2007.

Isaiah was always passionate about health and fitness. While in Kansas City, Isaiah was offered a managerial position with General Nutrition Center (GNC), an opportunity he could not pass up. Isaiah successfully managed a Kansas City location where he provided guidance to people from all walks of life – from those beginning their fitness journey to professional athletes. After successfully managing two separate Kansas City area locations, Isaiah was asked to move to Manhattan, Kansas, to revitalize a struggling GNC. Although Isaiah had just taken the LSAT with the intention of attending law school, he decided to take on the new challenge in the new city.

Isaiah accomplished his goal and successfully revitalized the struggling GNC. It was during this time Isaiah was accepted into several different law schools. After much consideration, Isaiah chose to attend the University of Tulsa – College of Law.

Continuing to pursue his goal of becoming a criminal defense attorney, Isaiah focused his coursework on criminal law. After his first year of law school, Isaiah joined the Public Defender’s Office as an intern. It was that internship that would change Isaiah’s life forever. Not only did he learn more from talented supervising attorneys than he ever did in any class, but he also met the love of his life, Lisa.

Although Lisa and Isaiah were in law school together, she was a few years ahead of him in school. It was while they were interns at the Public Defender’s Office when they began their courtship. Several years later, they married.

Isaiah’s intention was to graduate from law school and become a Public Defender prior to beginning his own practice. However, during law school Isaiah chose to take a risk and concentrate his efforts on establishing his own practice immediately after graduation and becoming a licensed attorney. It was with his close friend from law school, Matt Day, that Isaiah chose to combine and concentrate his efforts on embarking in a career in private practice. Both Isaiah and Matt graduated from the University of Tulsa – College of Law in 2009, passed the bar exam, and immediately opened the doors of Parsons & Day.

Since Isaiah became an attorney, he has primarily practiced criminal defense. His caseload encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters, from traffic tickets to numerous murder cases. His work has been covered by The Atlantic, Tulsa World, and Tulsa Journal Record, not to mention the numerous awards and recognition he has received, including being named one of the 10 Best DUI Attorney’s as well as multiple Super Lawyers Rising Stars awards.

When not helping defend his clients from governmental prosecution, Isaiah still enjoys playing basketball, working out, and spending time with his wife, Lisa, and their pets. He also loves to travel to his favorite cities, Memphis and Las Vegas. Isaiah has also spent time coaching basketball at a local high school.