Personal Injury Attorneys in Tulsa, OK Seeking Justice For Your Injuries

Car Wrecks

Let the Tulsa personal injury attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day fight with the insurance company while you recover. Car wrecks, from fender benders to serious pile ups, can all be handled at one firm – Parsons, Graham & Day, LLC. We will help get you into a doctor to get the treatment you need and resolve your case in the manner most beneficial to you. We are dedicated to alleviating the pain and trauma of a car accident – through settlement or trial. Parsons, Graham & Day will work hard everyday to put you back in the place you were right before the accident.

Truck Wrecks

When you have been injured by a truck driver’s negligence, you will need the assistance of attorneys willing to fight consistently for you, and to get you the money and treatment you need and deserve. Let the attorneys at Parsons & Day argue on you behalf while you recover. We will deal with the insurance companies, you just need to get better.

Worker’s Compensation

Hurt on the job? Let Parsons, Graham & Day get you the money you need to recover. We are here for all your injuries on the job. Parsons & Day is dedicated to seeing you through the compensation process.

Slip and Fall

If you have been injured by a store’s failure to clean up its messes, Parsons, Graham & Day is here to see you taken care of. If you have broken a bone, torn a muscle, tendon or ligament, Parsons, Graham & Day is ready to take your case. The attorneys will ceaselessly fight for your compensation and treatment. Parsons, Graham & Day will assist you in returning to your life after a slip and fall, or other injury on the negligently unkept premise of a store, gas station, apartment complex, or other location.