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No one ever wants to believe they may one day be arrested and dealing with a sex crime case. Sex crimes are taken seriously by Oklahoma police and state prosecutors in the interest of public safety. However, often, officials are too quick to believe an accuser and pursue charges before investigating all the facts.

Individuals convicted of sex crimes such as rape, and child molestation face lengthy prison sentences and are forced to register on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. Convicted sex offenders often find it challenging to secure gainful employment, suitable housing, or join the military.

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What are Common Sex Crimes in Oklahoma?

Although there are many sex crimes that individuals may be charged with, there are several that are more common than others and include:

  • Sexual intercourse with a minor (even if it is consensual).
  • Rape with a foreign object.
  • Incest
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Marital rape

One of the most common crimes involves legal adults having sex with underage minors. Oklahoma law stipulates that only individuals 16 and over can give legal consent. Therefore individuals who have sex with those under 16 but not younger than 14 may be charged with statutory rape or second-degree rape. However, even if the alleged victim is under 14 and a willing participant, the legal adult can be charged with first-degree rape, a felony.

If you are facing charges, contact our law office and ask to speak with a sex crimes defense lawyer who can advise you on what steps you must take to protect your freedom and reputation.

What is the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery?

Although the general public often uses the terms sexual assault and sexual battery interchangeably, state law makes definitive differences between the two.

Sexual Assault

Under state law, sex assault is considered any sexual touching or unwanted behavior that is non-consensual. Sexual assault often occurs when the perpetrator engages in sexual behavior with a victim through the use of force or coercion. Sexual abuse may include but is not limited to child sex abuse or rape.

Sexual Battery

State law classifies sexual battery as a serious felony and can result in a significant time in prison. Some of the legal elements that must be present include the alleged victim must be at least 16 years of age, and the contact must be legally considered lewd and lascivious behavior. Finally, the perpetrator engaged in unwanted touching of the alleged victim’s body parts.

If you need further clarification regarding the difference between sexual assault and sexual battery, contact Parsons, Graham & Day, LLC, to schedule an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer who can answer your questions.

Can Sexual Offenders Eventually Have Their Names Removed From the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry?

Having your name placed on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry can have negative life-changing consequences. As criminal defense attorneys, we are often asked if names can ever be removed from the registry. Oklahoma law does allow for names to be removed from the registry if the sex offense falls into one of three categories.

To be eligible to have your name removed from the registry, you must fall into one of the following three categories:

  • You are classified as a Level 1 sex offender and have had no legal issues for at least ten years.
  • Your case fits the criteria for the state’s “Romeo and Juliet” law regarding consensual statutory rape. For the rule to apply, the victim must have been between 14 and 17 at the time and, therefore, unable to give legal consent. Additionally, you must not have been more than four years older than the victim at the time of the incident.
  • Your case qualifies under the Starkey Rule, an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision that ruled it is unconstitutional to retroactively change registration requirements and sex offender levels of individuals who were sentenced under older state guidelines.

Suppose you are unsure whether you fall into any of these three categories or have other questions about sex offender registration. In that case, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can review your case to determine your eligibility.

Can I Trust Your Law Firm to Help Me Obtain Favorable Results for My Sex Crime Charges?

If you have been accused of a sex crime, you must hire a highly-trained attorney immediately. Do not make the critical mistake of trying to handle the allegation on your own. Many individuals mistakenly believe they can speak with law enforcement officials, tell their side of the story, and everything will be fine.

However, even if you are facing a false accusation, you should never try to deal with a sex crime without having professional legal counsel on your side to assist you with police interviews and other aspects related to the case.

At Parsons, Graham & Day, LLC, our dedicated legal team has comprehensive experience assessing evidence, reviewing testimony, and looking for weaknesses in the state’s case. Due to the harsh penalties related to sex crime convictions, you cannot afford not to have a criminal defense attorney who will act as your legal advocate and protect your rights, freedom, and reputation.

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