Appeals Lawyer in Tulsa, OK

Family Law

The Tulsa appeals attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day have spent years researching and briefing issues in custody litigation. PGD has represented parents, children, and grandparents, having briefed the case law and statutes many times.

If you or your client are unhappy with the court’s ruling, let us pick up the effort post-trial.


When the formal sentencing is announced, it is time for the appeals court to review the mistakes of the government and court. PGD has helped clients advance their appeals, with their case on remand, and has had success with the pardon/parole board.

PGD has helped numerous clients pursue their appellate review.


PGD has handled juvenile-deprived appeals for years. PGD has had several reversals, and parental rights are being reinstated for the natural parents. PGD has vast experience meeting expedited deadlines for juvenile appeals.


Successful Appeal Cases