Frequently Asked Questions about Juvenile Deprived Actions

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Below are some of the most frequent asked questions about juvenile deprived cases.

What happens when my child(ren) are picked up by the Department of Human Services?

What should happen after your child(ren) have been taken into DHS custody is that a Child Safety Meeting (“CSM”) is held and within two (2) judicial days a show cause hearing is held. At the show cause hearing the Court will conduct a hearing (not typically a full-length hearing) and decide whether the state has met the evidentiary burden of reasonable suspicion. See 10A O.S. § 1-4-203.

Do I get to have regular visitation with my child(ren) while they are in DHS custody?

Yes, generally, you will get to have visitation with your child(ren), with certain exceptions, such as when the court determines that visitation would be harmful to the child(ren). See 10A O.S. § 1-4-704(E)(9)(g). See also DHS’s policy on visitation.

What are the grounds for terminating my parental rights?

There are several grounds for terminating parental rights, such as failure to pay court ordered child support, failure to correct conditions, and cruel and heinous abuse. See 10A O.S. § 1-4-904.

What kind of things should I be doing while my case is pending?

First, get the advice of an attorney who practices juvenile deprived law. Second, make sure to attend all court appearances. Third, visit your child(ren) as much as you are able and allowed. Fourth, keep track of your efforts and contacts (e.g., class attendance, text messages with workers, and drug tests).

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