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Tulsa Divorce Attorney, Family Lawyer, Custody Lawyer, Oklahoma

Family Law

Life can be an emotional roller coaster. During life's toughest moments, let the attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day be your vessel through stormy seas. You will find no greater compassion, understanding, and sympathy than with Parsons, Graham & Day. We will handle your family concerns with the kindness and passion you deserve.

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No Contest Divorce

When the time comes to call it quits and part as friends, Parsons, Graham & Day can ensure a fair and equitable dissolution. If your dissolution is agreed and all you need is assistance with the paperwork, the attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day, LLC are here for you. We will help you forego the headache and heartache through a simple and quick divorce.

Contested Divorce

Life does not always allow for an easy parting of ways. In the event that you find yourself unable to reconcile differences with your spouse let Parsons, Graham & Day find the equitable path to dissolution for you. We are always here, no matter the size of the marriage estate. We will always help you in a kind, compassionate, and direct manner. At Parsons, Graham & Day, the attorneys handle the mess while you get on with your life.

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Children are a blessing, but they can easily complicate a relationship. With two loving parents wanting to have as much time with the children as possible, Parsons, Graham & Day will help you through the process of maintaining a loving environment for your children. Let us find the fair way and you can continue to be supporting and loving parents.

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Protective Orders

More and more frequently, custody disputes involve protective orders filed under the Protection from Domestic Violence Act. (22 O.S. ยง 60 et seq.) When a protective order is granted, initially as an emergency protective order ("EPO") and, potentially, later as a final protective order, the person against whom it is filed (the "defendant") is prohibited from performing certain acts. For instance, the defendant is typically prohibited from contacting the petitioner (the person who filed the request for the protective order); and if the order includes minor children, the defendant can be prohibited from having visitation. Protective orders are a necessary device for protecting the victims of domestic violence, stalking, and harassment; however, protective orders have been used to gain leverage in a custody dispute and/or disrupt parenting time.

Regardless of whether you are the petitioner or defendant, Parsons, Graham & Day can help you successfully navigate your protective order case. 

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Adding a new family member is always exciting and challenging. Parsons, Graham & Day will assist you with the paperwork side of your new joy and commitment. The attorneys will do the work for you, leaving you with the task of welcoming your latest addition. Should the adoption process become contentious, Parsons, Graham & Day is ready, willing and able to fully litigate your case. Whether you are an adoptive parent seeking to legally make a child your own or are a parent attempting to prevent someone from taking your child, our team has the answers and expertise to see your matter through to the end.

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Life often presents unexpected demands, when the time comes that you must seek to protect an innocent loved one through the guardianship process, call the attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day. The attorneys will do the work for you, leaving you with the task of welcoming your new full-time family member.

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