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Juvenile Law

When your children are taken into custody, whether its because of something they're accused of or you're accused of, it can create more stress than most of us have ever had to deal with. Fortunately, the attorneys at Parsons, Graham & Day are well versed with the juvenile court system.

Deprived Cases

If your child has been taken from your home by the Department of Human Services and the State of Oklahoma has filed a deprived petition against you, you need attorneys that know how to handle the case. Deprived actions are primarily about correcting conditions which led to the involvement of the State. The team at Parsons & Day can assist you in working with the State, service providers and the Department of Human Services.

If the State has decided to attempt to terminate your parental rights, then you need the experienced trial lawyers at Parsons, Graham & Day. Our team has handled both jury and non-jury trials in the juvenile court and is prepared to put your side of the case on before the jury or judge.

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Delinquent Cases

Sometimes children make mistakes, sometimes those mistakes bring them under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. Delinquent matters can have long-ranging effects. Make sure your child is properly represented by an attorney from Parsons, Graham & Day. We know the law and the court, and are ready to assist your child and your family through this stressful situation.

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